About FuRRR Feline Rescue

Cat Rescue in Gonic, NH

FuRRR Feline Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer-driven cat rescue organization in NH incorporated in 2015. FuRRR is a cat rescue in NH, not an animal shelter.   We take in local surrenders and strays and have had a wide range of cats, including elderly, special needs, and at-risk-of-euthanasia kittens and cats from high-kill southern shelters via our southern rescue partners. The geographic area we serve is New Hampshire, southern Maine, and northeast Massachusetts.

Our Mission

To rescue cats from abandonment, provide rehabilitation when necessary, bring our cats and their humans together in adoption, and provide a retirement to those already in our care.

How We Care for All Cats

We often take cats that need extensive medical care that may otherwise not get the necessary treatment. Our rehabilitation services include emergency medical care, medicine for chronic conditions, and emotional care for traumatized cats. FuRRR helps our community work, taking strays from the streets, helping end unwanted animals, and taking pets surrendered by their owners for many reasons.

Cats with Medical Needs

All cats in our care are spayed or neutered and receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment. Our cats live in cage-free communal rooms (except during Intake’s 48-hour quarantine and isolation for illness) where they can roam and socialize freely with each other and our volunteers. We also have a network of fosters who care for pregnant females, moms with kittens, and cats that need medical care multiple times daily and aren’t suited for the rescue. FuRRR values working with our community; we are partners with local retail stores.  

Community Support

FuRRR Cat StoryWe have the most amazing supporters who have helped our cats who needed eye enucleation from severe upper respiratory infections in the shelter to kittens born with eyelid agenesis who needed reconstructive surgery to provide a functional eyelid, echocardiograms for cats with heart murmurs and heart disease, dental and extractions – sometimes full mouth extractions for severe cases of stomatitis, to a stray kitten that was found on the side of the road in the rain who needed liver shunt surgery. His name is Turtle (because he moved so slowly when found) today, he is a happy, healthy kitty!

Betsey Fund

Betsey Fund FuRRR Feline RescueThese extensive and expensive medical issues are paid for by generous donors who support the “Betsey Fund.”  This fund is used exclusively for emergency care.  Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer https://furrr.org/donate-to-furrr/

Non-Profit & 100% Volunteer-Run

We are dedicated to keeping administrative costs low so that virtually every dollar donated goes directly to caring for our cats. 98% of all money contributed is spent directly supporting animal rescue and rehabilitation, with the remaining 2% supporting administration and fundraising. We have achieved this with much being paid for by our volunteer Board of Directors.

How You Can Help

We have a growing group of monthly sustainers; please consider donating and becoming a monthly sustainer. FuRRR holds Spring and Fall online auctions with amazing items donated by our volunteers and supporters. These auctions are held on our Facebook page FuRRR Auctions, and our supporters look forward to them twice a year. All funds raised benefit our FuRRR cats!

When our cats are healthy and free from behavioral issues, we place them in our adoption network of partner stores. We showcase our cats’ in-store habitats for better exposure and hold monthly adoption events for quicker adoption.   Amazing cats join their new families, and the public is educated about adopting cats from rescues.

See where your donations go! We are publicly funded, including grants, and have no paid volunteers or paid board members. Every cent of all donations go to our rescue operation.

FuRRR believes in fighting for the voiceless cats abandoned, abused, neglected, and forgotten.


An average of 450-600 kittens and cats per year have come through our doors on their way to their FuRRRever homes since our opening!

FuRRR Original Cats

“Founding cats Shelby, Mim, Betsey, Nutmeg, Bailey”

FuRRR Feline Rescue - Cat Rescue in NH - Registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
FuRRR Non-Profit Cat Rescue