Where Your Donations Go

As a registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization, FuRRR does not have paid staff and is run by 100% volunteers. Most volunteers have full-time job and do this in their free time because we love what we do to rescue these cats. The bulk of our operation is spent on medical care, including but not limited to veterinary care (both within & out of state), vaccinations/medications, spay & neuter, emergency appointments, surgeries, and other necessary expenses.

We also cannot run FuRRR without all of our wonderful volunteers that take part in the rescue from feeding, cleaning, driving back & forth between pet stores, taking the cats to medical appointments, processing a huge volume of paperwork, as well as answering emails and schedule appointments with adopters, post on social media and so much more!

Our organization’s intention is and has always been about these cats, to give them a chance to find their FuRRRever home ❤️ So thank you to everyone who supports us to give every cat a chance to live a happy life 😻 Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor https://furrr.org/donate-to-furrr/


Furrr cat rescue NH non-profit


FuRRR Feline Rescue - 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Cat Rescue Organization