Why Kittens Are Paired


At FuRRR, we take every step to ensure all cats are healthy before they are adopted and provide a chance for their FuRRRever home.  When it comes to kittens, we have a two-kitten adoption policy in place. The only exception is if the approved adopter has a kitten already or the kitten being adopted is by themselves or isn’t particularly fond of other kittens.

Kittens are always paired


Why Adopt in Pairs?

Like most humans and animals, kittens need social interaction and companionship. There is a stereotype that cats are independent and assumed they should be alone, which is far from the truth.  Pairing kittens together means they will have the needed social interaction and help their mental and behavioral development which is crucial at their age. Kittens are also very high-energy, paired kittens will entertain each other with each other with their kitten crazies and you get to sit back and laugh!

Who Chooses Which Kittens Are Paired?

We often see kittens that are bonded with a sibling, we observe their behavior and their interaction. Sometimes kittens bond with a new friend in foster care or at the rescue. Our volunteers with years of experience pick up on their cues watching play time and cuddle time for bonded pairs.

Kittens Will Play With Each Other

Kittens will play with each other and burn off extra energy by chasing, pouncing and play hunting each other throughout the house. You also do not need to worry about one kitten upsetting an older cat who oftentimes may not want to play as kittens do. This social interaction is crucial for their mental and physical well-being. Some kittens without a sibling or a way to spend their energy could develop behavioral issues from boredom, such as destructiveness and litter box issues.

Learned Behavior From Each Other

Kittens often learn from each other by copying behaviors, that includes eating, motor control skills, playing, climbing, grooming and using the litterbox. Sometimes the kitten with a bigger personality will help their best friend if he/she is timid or shy!

You Are Saving Two Lives!

Not only it’s rewarding and cute to watch two kittens grow up together and sleep together while they snuggle, adopting two kittens (or cats), you are providing a safe and loving home.

What if They Are Not Kittens? Should They Be Paired?

If we see bonded young adult or adult cats, then yes, we do not separate them and will need to be adopted as a pair. They would have a companion and best friend in their home, which can benefit their well-being, just like kittens!

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