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FuRRR Volunteer Spotlight!

In 2016, Dennis walked through the door of FuRRR to volunteer. He was retired, loved animals, and wanted to help any way he could! Dennis has been taking care of the cats & kittens at least 5 mornings a week ever since! He has also done a lot of laundry and a myriad of other things that kept the Rescue running so very efficiently! We have estimated that Dennis has seen over 1,500 cats and washed at least 900 bags of laundry and has dedicated over 2,000 hours to FuRRR!

Dennis has experienced the joys and sometimes the sorrows at FuRRR and fondly remembers one sweet, special, senior gentleman cat whose name was Bandit. Bandit was 22 years old and the time he needed to spend in the Rescue was made so much happier because his friend Dennis was there with him. Dennis gives so much loving care to all FuRRRbabies in his care!

It is only through the dedication of all of FuRRR’s volunteers we are able to rescue and save more innocent lives. From the entire Board, we extend a BIG THANK YOU to Dennis and all of our volunteers!

Are you interested in volunteering?  We are always looking for anyone passionate about feline rescue and saving lives!

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